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The Opportunity


Earn sales commission by introducing new customers to our Internet related software products - Mailtraq and clearString neatComponents.
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Enstar was founded in 1999 and has specialized in making world-class Internet products - affordable.
Our typical customer has between 10 and 250 employees. Your role is to simply introduce our products to companies and other organizations.
Product licenses sell in the range of $295 to $9,950 (Euro and Sterling pricing is also available)

This opportunity is open to all individuals with business related sales experience, and you are rewarded with a percentage commission on the completion of a sale. There is no territorial limitation and there is no limit to the number of introductions you may make. 

What are the Products?



clearString neatComponents™
This is Windows based software. It is a website development platform that makes it straightforward for non-programmers to develop sophisticated websites without having to learn how to program or write any 'code'.
it enables companies to make substantial cost savings - license costs are normally recovered on the first use.

clearString is licensed either for (1.) one or more sites - for $999 each or (2.) a Single server, unlimited number of sites and domains, unlimited number of users, unlimited records for $9950.  There is also a Pay-as-you-go option for $29/site or $399/unlimited sites, per month. Visit the clearString website ...

neatComponents - web development system




Mailtraq is Windows-based email server software. It works very much like Microsoft Exchange™ and enables businesses and organizations to take control of their email themselves, rather than relying on a free service or their ISP. Organizations use email servers to take control of their own email for security and privacy reasons.
Mailtraq enables companies to make substantial cost savings compared to Exchange or similar software.

Mailtraq licenses start at 5-User licenses for $229.00 through 250-user licenses for $1995.00 and up.
Visit the Mailtraq website ...

Mailtraq - email server


Who uses these Products?

clearString neatComponents is used by website developers, graphic designers and all kinds of businesses and organizations, large and small.
Mailtraq is used by small to medium sized businesses of all types, as well as by schools, banks and local government.

What do I have to do?

It is explained on the 'day-to-day' page (click) 

How do I learn about the Products?

The place to start is right here in the Sales Resources section. It explains who to target and how to make your sales pitch.

There is also a wealth of information about the products and the benefits of using them on their respective websites, and there are also quick start Technical guides available on their websites.

clearString eatComponents - find out more here (click)

Mailtraq - find out more here (click)

You'll need to learn enough about the products to be able to explain to your prospective users what they do, but you will not have to provide support or technical backup to them - you pass those enquiries on to us. There are free licences available for both products on the websites for you to use yourself to learn from,  and offer to prospective users for free trials.

How do I get rewarded for my efforts?

You get a straight commission on every introduction you make that results in the purchase of a license.
There is no top limit to the amount of commission you may receive.

End-users have up to 30-days to trial the products, purchase and make payment.
When their payment clears, we write your commission check and mail it to you.

How do I get started?

Complete this short form - APPLY NOW (click)

We will process your application - create your commission account where you enter the details of the organization that you are introducing to our products - and then email you to say you are set to go. 

What happens next?

Well, that is up to you. Start introducing people to Mailtraq and neatComponents - get networking: the more introductions you make, the more people buy - the more commission you get. It is as simple as that.

How do I get paid?

It is explained on the 'day-to-day' page (click)

I am already a commercial software reseller (VAR)

We welcome applications from existing VARS and SaaS suppliers. Please click here...

I've got questions - who do I contact?

Simply go to www.enstar.net/contacts